The greatest auto-reply ever



Laura and I are planning the first ever Gainesville StartUp Games. Follow us @GNVStartUpGames. While looking for help and guidance we emailed the folks from the Original Austin games.

Then I got this auto-reply:

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.26.13 PM

“Your email was delivered, but it may not be read. I’m in the SXSW Vortex and only occasionally can come up for air. If your message is something I can answer with a “yes” or “no” it is much more likely to get a reply. If you don’t hear from me by March 13, you should try resending your message.

If you’re going to be at SXSW…

Then I went to his website, Capital Factory is an incubator and Joshua’s bio is: “Joshua Baer helps people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs.”

So I’m totes jelly. Austin sounds like an entrepreneurial dream, and that’s the direction we are going! Kudos to Josh and the Austinpreneurs. Keep up with us as we develop the Gainesville StartUp Games!