Women in Entrepreneurship Summit + #tagboard = Success!


Slide1Most folks know that I write our posts, and I’m male, so it was a real delight for me to be invited to the annual Women’s Summit coordinated by CEI’s very own Katharine Burks. At the summit we attempted to make it more interactive for the participants. If you’ve been in any of the rooms in Hough Hall, you’d know they are all very high-tech and notably two projectors in each room. While the one projector displayed the slides of our speakers, the other one displayed a tagboard.

What is a tagboard? It’s pretty neat. Anything that anyone posts on a public social network using our hashtag gets displayed in live time. So while our speakers spoke, I live tweeted, and our students could jump in the conversation sharing quotes, images, and adding their own two-cents.

Many times speakers feel like they are being neglected by an audience looking at a laptop screen or a smartphone. However, using tagboard allowed for our students to actually be more engaged with the content than otherwise. 

Here’s another cool thing: we never announced what we were doing.  The page was loaded and ready when the students arrived, and once they saw how it worked, they just dove in and needed no instruction.

This is a shot from the beginning of the program. To read any of the posts from that wonderful summit, just look up the hashtag #UFCEIWSBiskxmHCAAEwsoE