Student Spotlight: Samantha Rosenbaum


This is the first post in our series highlighting students involved in the MSE, Innovation Academy, the CEI, and other entrepreneurship initiatives and courses.



Meet Sam!

CEI: Hi Sam.

Sam: Hi, so glad to be in the CEI today.

CEI: Sam, what program are you in?

Sam: I am in the Master’s of Science in Entrepreneurship Program.

CEI: I hear that’s a pretty good program.

Sam: That’s what I heard as well! And that’s how I ended up here, because I wanted to be in the best entrepreneurship program.

CEI: ┬áDon’t you have a story about how you applied here?

Sam: Oh yea [laughs]. I was accepted into 4 different programs, I tweeted the sharks from Shark Tank and the advice from Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner led me to UF.

CEI: But why entrepreneurship?

Sam: for one, it’s a way to have a significant impact on the world. As my mentor said, “You can start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Or you can start at the top and build your bottom.” And I think entrepreneurship gives you the opportunity to bring ideas to life that other areas don’t. I think there is a beauty in that, finding solutions. And It’s challenging, I love a good challenge.

CEI: So what have you been working on through the MSE?

Sam: I’ve been working on a project from day one, in Start-Up Gauntlet. It’s called WooBand, with my co-founder and classmate Jarrod Schilling. We are trying to solve the pain of losing your cell phone. Also through our New Product Development class my other classmate and recent grad Jeff, that’s you, created a performance wear product to keep chefs cool. And we are now working on a proprietary blend of fabric to keep chefs cool. I became a Graduate Assistant here, and because of that I’ll be able to continue my studies on our EESA program this summer.

CEI: That sounds like a lot!

Sam: Staying busy is important to me, makes me feel like my life is fulfilling. I get bored easily. Opportunity is everywhere.

CEI: Any advice to prospective students?

Sam: If you someday want to be an entrepreneur, this is the place to be. There is a lot of opportunity and many great minds.

CEI: Thanks, Sam. I’ll let you get back to work.

Sam: Oh wait! My motto is “Dream big!”

CEI: Good motto. Good talk.

Sam: Always a good time.